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Portrait of the author

Tarek Eltayeb was born in Cairo in 1959, the son of Sudanese parents. He studied Business Administration at the Ain Shams University in Cairo. He has been living in Vienna since 1984.

He then studied at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration. His dissertation, which he wrote at the Institute for Economic Philosphy, was entitled “The Transfer of Ethics via Technology in the Struggle between Identity and Profit.” He is currently a Professor at the International Management Center / University of Applied Sciences in Krems, Austria.

He has been writing since 1985.

He has received numerous fellowships and awards, most recently the Elias Cannetti Fellowship of the City of Vienna.

He has attended international literature festivals in Smederevo (Serbia) 2006, Jan smrek (Slovakia) 2006, Novi Sad (Serbia) 2006, Maastricht (Netherlands) 2006 Lemberg (Ukraine) 2005, Dublin (Ireland) 2005, Vienna (Literatur im März) 2005, Dornbirn (Austria) 2004, Struga (Macedonia) 2005, 2004, 2003 and 2002, Poitiers (France) 1999.


In Arabic:

  • Bayt An-Nakhil (The Palm House). Novel, Al-Hadara Publishing House, Cairo 2006.
  • Mudun Bila Nakhil (Cities without Palms). Novel, Al-Kamel Press, Cologne 1992;
    2nd Edition, Al-Hadara Publishing House, Cairo 1994. 3rd edition, Al-Hadara Publishing House, Kairo 2006.
  • Takhlisat (In Clear). Irhab al-ayn al-bayda. Poetry, Merit Press, Cairo 2002.
  • Udhkuru Mahasin … (Remember Mahasin). Short stories, Sharqiyyat Press, Cairo 1998.
  • Al-Gamal La Yaqif Khalfa Ishara Hamra (A Camel does not Stop on Red). Short stories, Al-Hadara Publishing House, Cairo 1993.
  • El-Asanser (The Elevator). Play, El-Salam Press, Cairo 1992.

In French:

  • Villes sans palmiers. A translation of the novel. Paris 1999.

In Macedonian:

  • қαмен ūоςоΛем оδ ңебоŵо (A Stone Bigger than the Sky). Poetry. Skopje 2005.

In German:

  • Aus dem Teppich meiner Schatten. Gedichte. edition selene, Wien 2002.
  • Städte ohne Dattelpalmen. A translation of the novel; edition selene, Wien 2000.
  • Ein mit Tauben und Gurren gefüllter Koffer. Prosatexte und Gedichte zweisprachige Ausgabe (deutsch/arabisch); edition selene, Wien 1999.

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